Is IBizaTV free?

Yes, you don't need to spend any money to become an IBizaTV member! Here, you can enjoy genuine adult audio and video entertainment for free; Of course, if you want to get the best quality viewing experience, such as the latest hot film, no ads, high definition, etc., you are welcome to join the IBizaTV VIP member!

What methods can IBiza Tv use to watch content?

Currently, you can use the computer, mobile website, Android App, iOs App, Android TV Box and other devices to watch. For details, please see the link below.

How can I contact IBizaTV if any errors occur?

If you have any errors in IBizaTV such as the webpage not displaying properly and the video not playing properly, please let us know the problem with this email. service@ibizamedia.co

I am a ROKU user. Can I watch IBIZA TV with ROKU?

Yes, we currently offer a free channel on the ROKU platform. You can refer to the link below for the ROKU version of IBIZA TV.

How can I cancel my VIP subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by logging into the member management interface. https://wwww.1919hdtv.com/member/vip_buy

What is "IBizaTV VIP Member"?

As a paid member of IBizaTV VIP, you can enjoy the latest adult content, the highest speed of transmission and a high quality viewing experience without ads.

Is the payment method safe?

1. Names such as IBIZA and PayNow IBIZA are displayed on the credit card statement.

2. All consumption details can be viewed in your personal account.

3. Any problem with payment will be answered by our customer service within 24 hours.

Why can't the video play?

If all the videos are not available, please check if your network is stable or restart the network connection.If you still can't play normally after confirming the connection, please contact us through customer service EMAIL.

Why can't I download the IBizaTv App from AppStore and GooglePlay?

Google Play or Appstore does not currently accept adult content, so you must manually install the app.

How to install IBizaTv App

Please refer to the description of the page below.

How to watch on the ANDROID TV box?

You can purchase the TV box hardware that has the IBIZA TV APP pre-installed, or download the IBIZA TV app file and attach it to the TV box via the USB flash drive.Please refer to the description of the page below.

Is the IBIZA TV Box APP suitable for all hardware?

Android hardware is very much, we can't guarantee that it can be installed, so if you want to buy hardware, please refer to our officially tested recommended hardware. If you want to install it on other unofficial tested TV boxes, it is recommended to install it yourself. Purchase after testing.

Why is there a sound but no picture when playing on the TV box?

The content format of our TV box is H265 HD format. If the system version is too old or the hardware is too low, the H265 decoding may not be supported. It is recommended to confirm whether the H265 format is supported when purchasing hardware.

Is there an additional charge for the IBIZA TV box?

Yes, each of the different TV box channels (such as IBIZA TV1/IBIZA TV2) is subscribed separately, and the service content varies on different channels.

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